Product Spotlight: BIO-CHIME 390

December 19, 2020

BIO-CHIME 390 is an extremely adhesive material designed for applications where a flexible, corrosion-resistant seal or expansion joint is required. The solvent-free, elastomeric sealant is chemically resistant and has the consistency of soft putty. When fully cured, it resembles tennis ball rubber. This sealant is recommended for exposure to aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral acids, esters and alcohols except menthol. It is suitable for application over steel, primed or painted steel or concrete.

The makeup of this coating makes it a great choice for tank chime areas, since it creates a permanently flexible corrosion resistant seal on the exterior chime surfaces of field storage tanks and similar structures. It can also be used in situations where other joint compounds would soften or fail by solvent or chemical attack.

Most surfaces should be prepped with abrasive blasting before application in order for the coating to adhere well. The next step is the application of BIO-SEAL 197 penetrating sealer over porous concrete in order to minimize or prevent out-gassing. Allow the primer to cure until at least “gummy” before applying BIO-CHIME 390.

For best results, BIO-CHIME 390 should be applied by heated, plural component airless spray. Roller application is not practical, but small aras can be applied by brush or spreader. Typical application thickness is ½”, but be sure it does not exceed 2” because internal overheating from exothermic curing reactions may occur. The coating will be touch dry in 4 hours and fully cured after 24 hours at 77°F or 25°C.

BIO-CHIME 390 is the best permanently flexible thick film coating as it provides corrosion and chemical resistance solutions.